ADHD parent coaching

Hello, My Friend!

Here's the thing.  

Parenting has nothing to do with your child!

When YOU decide to show up for YOU , that is when you start showing up to your relationships.  Your self confidence will improve, the connection with your child will flourish & you will no longer need the validation of others to make you feel valued. 

Coaching Services

All my coaching focuses on improving your relationship with self.  Transformation begins from within & flows outward to the world.


A step by step process for effective communication with your ADHD tween/teen.

A structure for less frustration & arguments, getting your teen to do what you ask, and working together in a partnership with your kiddo!

This is for a parent needing help with an ADHD kid/teen.


A personalized strategy for your parenting challenges.

for parents 

i'm ready!

Learning mindset shifts and mindfulness work.

Learning specific skills on communicating and connecting with others.

ADHD & Lifestyle Assessment to identify underlying ADHD challenges.

Learning Style Assessment to aid in developing personalized strategies and goals.

Core Values Assessment to set the stage for authentic goals and fitting strategies.


This is for women with ADHD that are also parents to kids with ADHD. OR Women who are single or married with ADHD. 

Defining specific personal challenges, setting goals, and finding effective strategies.

for women

This is for either an individual with ADHD or a parent of an ADHD child/teen.  This is a 1 time two hour session.  We define main pain points and design a strategy for you to implement immediately. 

Defining your specific personal & parenting challenges, strengths, goals, and strategies.


Implementation plan for continued success.

Training on TRUE the Acronym for Powerful Questions Parenting Model.

Training on TRUE the Acronym for Powerful Questions Parenting Model.

My mini course on the ADHD Brain and Executive Function Challenges.

Learning communication skills for open conversation and trust with your child/teen.


for adults or kids

-Summer C.

It is your responsibility to show up authentically to your story, no matter the situation.