ADHD parent coaching

A personalized strategy for how to approach your parenting challenges.

A step by step process for effective communication with your ADHD tween/teen.

A structure for less frustration & arguments, getting your teen to do what you ask, and working together in a partnership with your kiddo!

1on1 Parent Coaching

What will you gain?


This is for an individual with ADHD. We work on ADHD specific challenges, develop customized goals & strategies for success. 


individual coaching

Learning about mindset shifts and mindfulness work.

Learning specific skills on communicating and connecting with others.

ADHD & Lifestyle Assessment Wheel to identify underlying ADHD challenges.

Learning Style Assessment to aid in developing personalized strategies and goals.

Core Values Assessment to set the stage for authentic goals and fitting strategies.

Defining your specific personal & parenting challenges, strengths, goals, and strategies.

-Summer C.

It is your responsibility to show up authentically to your story, no matter the situation.