What If I told You you could help your ADHD teen without them having to do a single thing?

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Endless Reminding, Constant Nagging, Fights About Homework or
Smart Phone Battles 

End the power struggles & have peace in your home?

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This Course Is For Parents With ADHD Tweens & Teens

To build repour & gain trust?

Cultivate connection?

Discover their needs & start using tactics that will actually work?

Then today is the day to start building a partnership!

If you're tired of feeling like nothing works, I'm glad you're here!

At eleven years old, I was diagnosed with ADHD, prescribed some Ritalin, and my parents and I were sent on our way. My parents were not given a blueprint, laying out how to build a beautiful, and connected relationship with their ADHD daughter. They had no idea that by continuing to use typical parenting strategies they only perpetuated the power struggles, disconnect, arguing, and constant fear of failure.

Years later, when my own son was diagnosed with ADHD, those same patterns began to emerge in our own relationship, and I KNEW something had to change!

What I’m about to give you is the blueprint I used to create connection and trust and learn to partner with my child in his ADHD journey.


The biggest transformation you will see is within yourself!  You will feel empowered to set appropriate boundaries, to talk to them about hard things, and best of all, enjoy watching them become the amazing person they are meant to be!

you'll feel relief & clarity:

You will find peace and clarity in your parenting role.

You will finally know how to build trust & thus work together.

You will become knowledgeable about the neurodiverse brain & understand their diagnosis.

You will know how to diffuse situations before they blow up.

You will be CONFIDDENT in HOW to help your child succeed.

what are the benefits?

How will this transform your relationship?

How to meet your child where they are instead of endlessly using neurotypical tactics that don't work!

My Standards Based Living Method for setting realistic expectations for you & your child.

The recipe for shifting to a present focused parenting  mindset

How to set boundaries that will serve your relationship.

How to recognize & address your most challenging parenting triggers.

The TRUE parenting model to guide you through any challenge.

You will learn INVABUABLE skils!

In this module you will learn a step-by-step process on how to be conscious of, get curious about and let go of your parenting triggers. We focus in on how to set appropriate boundaries, and dive into setting realistic expectations for yourself & your partnership.

Discovering triggers

This module will set the foundation for building partnership.  You will design a blueprint to map out your vision and learn to implement that into your relationship.   

MODULE 1:  pillar 1 the foundation for partnership

In this module you will learn empowerment parenting strategies, ways to help your child build confidence with the ADHD Strengths Based Approach. You will also explore reactive & responsive parenting and recognizing emotions and understanding reactions. We also talk about specific ways to create space for growth in your relationship.

MODULE 3:  pillar 2 the framework 
Empowerment & space for change.

In this module you will learn how to help your child foster independence, how to show empathy, validate their feelings, and curiosity over accusation. You will learn to be a present focused parent, to meet your child where they are by abandoning your personal expectations. When you are focused on their current realities, you can be present and more aware of their needs. Learn how to be their safe haven & soft landing ground so they will trust you and you can connect.

MODULE 4: cultivating connection

In this module you will learn to discover how best to communicate with your child, how to listen and have important conversations without blowing up!  Any behavior is communicating your child's needs.  By learning communication styles you can understand their behavior and come together.

MODULE 5:  pillar 3  the spire

In this module you will learn what it means to work together and create a partnership, mindset shifts, and exploring your support role.  You will work towards allowing autonomy and helping them take responsibility for their ADHD.

MODULE 6:  the transformation process


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What do I get when I sign up for this course?

Frequently asked questions

6 Live Lessons with an accompanying workbook which includes room for personal notes, journaling prompts, slides from lessons & supplemental materials.

Full access to all class replays as soon as they're released. No worrying about missing class because you can catch up later on your couch, office or car. 

Unlimited access for LIFE to all video presentations and workbooks.

Access to members only group to meet other parents like you.

Weekly class reminder emails with links to relevant resources, articles, books and easy access to course materials.

How much does it cost?

I want to be able to help as many parents as I can and also include additional resources and Voxer support and discounted 1on1 coaching for class members.  The Price of Partnership Over Parenting is $799 but is now being offered at a discounted price of $599 for a limited time.

How Long is the course?

The course lasts for 6 weeks.

How Long is each class?

We meet 1 time per week, for 45 minutes of instruction & 15 minutes of Q&A and discussion.

If you are tired of dealing, overwhelmed, exhausted, or frustrated, get ready for the hope, support and strategies you need to connect with & work together with your child.

10+ (Tweens & teens).  Although all strategies can be used for younger kids as well.

What age group is this course Helpful for?

You will have less power struggles, build trust with each other, and feel more peace in your home!

Get Ready to start feeling empowered and enjoying your kiddo again!

I can't wait to see you on the inside of Partnership Over Parenting!!

So Much Love,

with so much love,

Summer C.



Can i get my money back if it isn't useful for me?

ABSOLUTELY! We offer a no risk, gaurentee.  If you complete the 8 weeks and don't feel that you have gotten the value you paid for, let us know within 14 days of the course ending, and you will be refunded!