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I'm a parenting coach, entrepreneur & mom with ADHD, who is also parenting ADHD!  I can teach you how to help your ADHD teen thrive, without needing them to do or change a single thing!  
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-Dana V.

"I learned from Summer that I should always consider the way I want to show up, and ultimately foster a relationship with my son in the future. This wasn't about changing my son but about changing how I interacted with him which resulted in a more peaceful home."

- Cyndnee S.

She helped me consider different ways in which I could present myself as the best version of the parent I'd like to be. I've become more thoughtful now not just in how to approach each situation with my son but also with my teenage daughters who come with their own set of challenges.

I appreciate the time Summer spent to listen and help me recognize some of the the ways I could handle even specific situations. Thanks Summer for your time in helping me obtain clarity!


5 stars all around