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Making Fitness a Lifestyle, Not the End Goal

April 14, 2023

Maria WidescreenBlog

Working out almost always has a reason behind it.  You want to loose weight, change your physique or look more toned for your upcoming high school reunion.   Wouldn't it be nice if exercise was more like brushing your teeth is?  An every day occurence that we don't usually question.

Learn how to make fitness part of your everyday in my conversation with personal trainer and fitness expert for people with ADHD, Maria Agbava, @addandfit on instagram.  Learn ways to stay consistent and accountable for your everyday fitness.  Exercise is not just for weight loss but part of your lifestyle.  Also, learn why spiking your dopamine levels (buying new workout clothes or eating dessert as a reward) too soon before or after a workout can sabotage your progress.

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