ADHD parent coaching

EPISODE 20: Bipolar Disorder & Mental Health

June 5, 2020

The symptoms of Bipolar Disorder can often be overlooked because of their similarities to ADHD.  Studies show that thirty percent of people diagnosed with ADHD will have a depressive episode or have a mood disorder in their lifetime.  I have always been fascinated with this association because of my own anxiety and depression disorders and also having family members with Bipolar Disorder. 

Today I discuss mental health with Mental Health Advocate, Keirstyn Secord @dancingwithdarkness on Instagram.  We discuss some BIG TOPICS and suggestions that those of us with ADHD can directly relate to:

-The empowerment and grieving process of a diagnosis.

-How to differentiate between who you are and your diagnosis.

-How to embrace the awkward with mental health.

-How to know if your therapist is a right fit for you.

-Going beyond the grocery store response.

-Self compassion and empathy.

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